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1) I want to apply for the race. How can I do that?
Please apply via JTB Sports Station (First-come, first-served basis) at "JTB Sports Station."
The application period begins at 8 p.m. on Wednesday June 13.
Group application is available, allowing you to apply for your family or friends at a time.
2) I want to apply as a group. How can I do that?
Group application is available via JTB Sports Station.
Apply for your family with the same address as "Family Entry" and for friends as "Friend Entry."
Note: Your application will not be completed until you finish entering your information.
There are many cases where the representative person enters wrong names or races or where his/her family members/friends within the group applies separately. Please make sure with your group members.
Regarding an agreement to the terms of application, the representative is responsible for all the members' agreement (including parents for underage applicants).
3) I want to apply for both marathon and 3km jog. Can I apply for both races?
Yes, you can.
3km jog is held on Saturday. Runners applying for 10km or Marathon are also eligible to apply. (not regarded as duplicate application)
4) How can I confirm my application?
You can confirm your entry conditions by logging into "My Page" on "JTB Sports Station."
As for entry, please contact JTB Sports Station at TEL: +81-6-6252-4009 (9:30-17:30 Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays)
5) Is refund or race change possible after the application is completed?
No race change is available after application.
And we do not offer any refund for your own reasons or duplicate application.
6) Can I change the size of T-shirt?
No, you cannot change it after entry.
7) Do you have a waiting list?
No, there is no waiting list of the races.
8) When can I receive Runner's Guide and Number Card Voucher?
They are scheduled to be uploaded on your My Page in late November.
9) After the payment, I found out I would not be able to take part in the race. Can I receive the entry prize at least?
The entry prize is available for pick-up on Saturday December 8 at the runner's check-in desk in exchange for the Number Card Voucher. You are allowed to have someone pick it up for you.

About Check-in (Packet Pick-up)
Note: Check-in available only on Sat Dec. 8 for all participants

1) Is it mandatory to check in on Saturday December 8?
You will receive your Number Card, Entry Prize, timing chip, etc. Runners must come to the check-in desk within opening hours.
Note: No runner's check-in is available on Sunday December 9.
No participants are allowed to run without checking in.
2) Is runner's check-in only available on Saturday?
Yes, all runners must check in on Saturday due to no such time available on race day.
You are asked to visit Konoike Athletics Stadium on Saturday December 8 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
No check-in is available outside the designated hours or by mail.
3) Is it possible to have someone else check in to pick up my packet?
We ask you to check in by yourself, but if you have an inevitable reason, someone else can do it in place of you. Please fill in the emergency contact (name and telephone number of someone who can get in touch) on the Number Card Voucher and bring it with him/her. But NO SUBSTITUTE PARTICIPATION IN RACE IS ALLOWED.

You can bring vouchers for multiple participants, but check-in counters vary depending on bib numbers. Please check in at the designated counter.


1) How is the start block determined?
Your start block is determined according to your expected finish time that you reported on your application.
All runners start when the start gun goes off. If slow runners are in a faster block, there is a possibility of collisions. Please fill in the accurate expected time. Applicants who did not fill in will start at the last block.

Runners who enter the race via Friend or Family Entry are also designated to a proper block.
2) Are there water and food stations on the course?
Yes, 13 water stations and a few food stations are installed on the marathon course.
One water station is set up on the 10km course.
3) Can I ask you to put my special drink or food at water stations?
No, we do not accept special drinks. Please take water and food at the water and food stations that the organizer prepares.
4) Are there any toilets on the course?

Yes, portable toilets are located on the course. Some existing toilet facilities are also available along the course.

The toilet locations will be indicated on the Runner's Guidebook. During the race, please use toilets specified by the event organizer with on-course signs. We strongly ask runners NOT to flush anything other than toilet paper.

5) Are there distance markers on the course?
Yes, distance markers are displayed every one kilometer for the marathon and 10km race. And between the last 5km and the finish of the marathon course, the rest of distance is shown every one kilometer.
6) How are times measured?
Times are recorded by a timing chip (Runner's Chip) handed out along with your number card and attached to your shoe. However, there is no time measurement for the 3km jog event.
Note: A timing chip was already attached to a number card in the past events, but this year participants need to attach it to their shoe by themselves.
7) What can I do if I forget to return the timing chip after completing the race?
Please mail us. If you do not return the chip, we will charge you the exact cost of repurchase.

Address: 757 Horen-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8113, Japan
To Nara Marathon Organizing Committee Office
8) Do you issue a finisher's certificate on the race day?
Yes, marathon and 10km runners will receive a finisher's certificate (with your finish time on it) on the race day.
3km runners will receive a finisher's certificate without your finish time (no time recorded) on the race day.
9) Do you have a time limit?
Yes, the time limit for Marathon is 6 hours. There are 9 closing points on the course.
Please see the Event Outline page to check the time at each closing point.
The time limit for 10km is 90 minutes. A closing point is set at 7.5km point with 65-minute time limit. (Refer to course guide)
The time limit for 3km is 45 minutes.
Note: Even in case that runners are forced to stop during the race due to emergency vehicles passing through the course, race times and closing times at check points will not be adjusted.
10) What if I cannot complete the race within the time limit?
If you go over the time limit or are not able to pass each closing point by the closing time, you are asked to take off your number card and timing chip, and move onto the sidewalk or side of the road. And then, move to the next closing point (or the finish site) by the official race bus or on foot.
11) What if I feel sick during the race?
If you become sick or get injured during your run, do not push yourself but move to a safe place such as a sidewalk. And let a race official or medical aid station staff know your condition and situation. If you decide to retire the race, get on a bus running at the tail of the race or being parked at each closing point.
12) Do you have pacers?
We plan to put pace teams in place.
For your reference, we have pace teams as follows: 3 hours (3 pacers), 3.5 hours (3 pacers), 4 hours (3 pacers), 4.5 hours (2 pacers), 5 hours (2 pacers) and 5.5 hours (2 pacers).
Note: All pacers put on an orange-colored bib and balloon.
Pacers run based on the gun time (from start gun to finish).
But please note that those runner's paces are just a rough indication and they will not finish at the exact time.

Accommodation and Transportation

1) How can I get to the event site?
Please see the "Direction" page.
During the event, the parking lots for cars and bicycles at Konoike Sports Park are not available for use. Please use public transportations such as Kentetsu line, JR line or Nara Kotsu Bus (see below).
Expected time to the event site by walk is about 30 minutes from JR Nara Station and 20 minutes from Kintetsu Nara Station.
Special buses will run on the Sunday morning of December 10 from JR Nara Station and Kintetsu Takanohara station. We recommend that you take a bus from Kintetsu Takanohara Station since buses from JR Nara Station are expected to be heavily congested.(About 15 minutes from Kintetsu Takanohara Station)
Please check detailed time tables for the special buses on "Guide for Participants" that is available for all participants a month before the race day.

Kintetsu Railway
JR West
2) Are there buses starting from JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara Station and Kintetsu Takanohara Station?
Yes. Take Nara Kotsu Bus Line 108/ 208 bound for "Minami Kamodai 5-chome," Line 109/ 209 bound for "Kamo Station," or Line 115 bound for "Takanohara Station." Get off at "Shiei Kyujo."
From Kintetsu Takanohara Station, take Nara Kotsu Bus Line115 "JR Nara Station West Gate" and get off at "Horen Sahoyama 3-chome."
Special buses will run on the Sunday morning of December 10 from JR Nara Station and Kintetsu Takanohara station. We recommend that you take a bus from Kintetsu Takanohara Station since buses from JR Nara Station are expected to be heavily congested. (About 15 minutes from Kintetsu Takanohara Station)
Please check detailed time tables for the special buses on "Guide for Participants" that is available for all participants a month before the race day.
3) Do you have any car or bicycle parking space?
No, we do not have any of them at the Naraden Field. Please walk from/to the stadium or use public transportation.
Note: Due to expected traffic jam around the event site, we do not permit you to come by car, including drop-off.
Special buses are running from JR Nara Station and Kintetsu Takanohara Station on the morning of Sunday December 10. Buses from JR Nara Station are expected to be highly crowded. We recommend that you take a bus from Kintetsu Takanohara Station (About 15 minutes from Takanohara Station).
Please check detailed time tables for the special buses on "Guide for Participants" that is available for all participants a month before the race day.
4) Where can I find accommodations?
Please contact our partner below.
Travel Service Center for Western Japan, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. (KNT)
*Please make inquiries in English.
TEL: +81-6-6535-8426 (Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00)
Address: 1-16-1-7F, Shin-machi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 550-0013 Japan
[Travel agency in charge of Nara Marathon accommodations] Kinki Nippon Tourist, Nara Office

Race Day

1) Do you have any changing room and baggage hold?
Yes, we plan to set up changing areas and baggage holds at Naradenryoku Konoike Park, located at the start/finish area. Your baggage needs to be put in a 45 litter plastic bag provided at your designated check-in desk, and only one bag will be allowed per person. The organizer is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage. You are responsible for fragile or valuable items.
2) What is the temperature on the event day?
The average temperature of Nara City in December is 6.0 degrees Celsius (1.5-11.3 degrees). Be prepared to adjust what to wear by yourself.
3) I want to know where my friend is running.
You can follow your friend's real-time progress by inputting his/her bib number or name. Go to the website below via your computer or mobile phone.
(Split locations are 10km, 15km, 20km, halfway point, 25km, 30km, 35km, 40km and finish time for Marathon, and finish time only for 10km race.)

Runner's Update (Both links are to be open on Saturday)
(Mobile Phone)
4) Do you have an on-site child care?
No, we do not plan to have it at this moment. We have a feeding room for babies on the event day.
5) Do you sell foods and drinks?
Yes, "Nara Marathon 2018 EXPO" is to be held on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December at Naradenryoku Konoike Park(Nara City Konoike Sports Park), exhibiting and selling Nara's local foods and products as well as holding stage shows.
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